Body and Breast Procedures


Liposculpture This procedure consists of the extraction and application of the fat to certain areas of the body in order to improve and enhance contours. Areas that can be treated include: abdomen, legs, arms and back. By using appropriately different technologies, best results can be obtained. The best technologies available are used (i.e. Microaire, Vase and Renuvion). Dr. Camilo Reyes will perform a specialized medical evaluation to assess which technologies will provide the best results.
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The plastic surgery patient is treated by a cross-disciplinary medical team. Liposculpture with Natural Definition This procedure consists in shaping aesthetically the body by removing fat as in the traditional liposculpture but obtaining such an abdominal definition resembling the results of healthy eating habits and moderate workout. High-Definition Liposculpture This procedure consists in defining aesthetically and naturally the muscles, by removing and/or transferring fat from/to different parts of the body. The objective is to obtain a much more athletic definition keeping always a natural contour. Arm Liposculpture It is the aesthetic sculpt of the arms by removing unwanted fat. Depending on the patient’s requirement the results could be conventional or athletic muscle definition. Back Liposculpture It is the aesthetic sculpt of the body by removing unwanted fat from the back area. Leg Liposculpture It is the aesthetic sculpt of the legs by removing unwanted fat.


Lipectomy, Abdominoplasty or Abdominal Dermolipectomy

Also known as tummy tuck, this procedure seeks to repair the effects left by pregnancy on the abdominal wall. It some cases, it requires closing the diastasis recti (abdominal separation), repairing minor hernial defects, removing excess of skin and stretch marks. All of these are the effects of pregnancy. In this procedure, the scar tissue can be removed or extended, depending on how loose and damaged the skin is. It frequently comprises also a fat removal to have better body aesthetic results. Other candidates for this type of procedure are those who have lost an important amount of weight by diet and exercise or bariatric surgery. Also, those who have undergone abdominal surgery that left sever scar tissue, as after a peritonitis, are fit for this procedure. The results get better and better month after month and are usually combined with the use of laser therapy for diminishing the appearance of any scar tissue.


Augmentation Mammaplasty Also known as Breast Augmentation, or more informally as “boob job”, this procedure consists in shaping, increasing the volume and improving the appearance of the breast by using breast implants. We currently use the smooth implants: Motiva® or Mentor® by Johnson y Johnson. Reduction Mammaplasty This procedure consists of the partial removal of the mammary gland and fat, by using different surgical techniques seeking to improve the appearance of the breast, reduce the size of the areola and nipple, and correct the functional alterations that the breast extra-weight causes in patients. This will result in an inverted T-shaped scar that will be visible during the first few months but, as time passes, this scar will become practically imperceptible.


Also known as breast lift surgery. This procedure consists in repositioning the areola and nipple according the breast. In some cases, the mammary gland volume provides an adequate appearance to the breast. In those cases where there is glandular tissue atrophy due to breastfeeding or an important weight loss process, the breast volume and shape can be improved by using breast implants. These are implanted submuscularly to obtain more perdurable results. Depending on the doctor’s criteria, the scars can be periareolar, vertical or inverted T.


It is referred also as Buttock Lift, this procedure consists in sculpting and increasing the volume of the butt-cheeks by using gluteal implants.

Biopolymer Removal in Gluteus via incision.

It is the extraction of biopolymers via open approach with a reduced scar on the area of the buttocks. This procedure provides a healing treatment to the disease by reaching in some patients up to a 90% biopolymer-free tissue. Then, there are several complementary techniques to reconstruct the aesthetics of the gluteus which can be performed between 9 months to 1 year after the extraction via incision. We also have non-surgical alternatives to improve the appearance and color of the affected skin (close approach is also performed for some selected cases per doctor’s criteria) Biopolymer Removal in other areas. It is the extraction of biopolymers in areas such as lips, face back and legs. The surgical approach for the biopolymer removal in these areas is determined by the medical evaluation and diagnostic studies.